That is so wrong. So less on the AMD motherboard equals simpler design or lower costs to the motherboard manufacturers. That earthwatts won’t due. As btarunr so eloquently said, the 6x0i chipset was simply outdated and was not meant to run Quads at all. People tend put Phenom II with its competitive class and product generation as that of the Core i7. It’s not quantity, it’s quality.

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Both Intel and AMD are equally victim to this. The product design looks production-grade and may attract partners to sell it.

That’s all for now! Not to mention that it does not, in any way, need anything more than X58, because X58 has everything.

More revisions do not equal a better product. The time now is Using two GPU’s results in a small chopset gain compared to the substantial cost increase.

Comparison of Nvidia nForce chipsets

Phenom II X4 or maybe Well, that’s just hcipset the new Core i7. So how is this any different? ASRock also happens to be the company that used older Intel chipsets to support relatively new CPUs which other manufacturers didn’t. The only difference is that AMD is trying to sneak in backwards compatibility to win over consumers, at loss of performance.

New Drivers  GA-MA69VM-S2 VGA DRIVER

X58 has everything one could need. My argument doesn’t cover people somehow getting it to work, it covers that which when a manufacturer lists its nForce SLI supports it.

Corei7 is not the only game chi;set town.

Because Intel is being such a bitch there is just one chipset supporting i7, its not clear whether cyipset will be allowed to make theirs for this Intel platform. To add to emosun’s excellent advice.

Even i which came out a year later, and was basically a re-hashed i wasn’t capable of doing a good enough job. They’re are so many reasonable choices it makes up for a lack of a competitor to i7. That earthwatts won’t due.

Chipsst i7 doesn’t need anything more than X58, as I’ve said. It seems the mhz will do just fine, as i may attempt to overclock, but its not likely. Waterblock with L-shaped nozzles could work I suppose. That doesn’t hurt my argument one bit, which is that you cannot place Phenom II and Core i7 in the same generation, and say that Phenom II offers backwards platform compatibility. Antec is not a recommended brand and the earthwatts isn’t good enough for the card.

Alsomost motherboard onboard sound is just as good as any soundcardso a soundcard isn’t really needed unless you work with audio mixing and editing. The same can also be said for LGA processors and their multiple instances of working on older chipsets. Should i stick with an ati GX chipset and not migrate towards a possible calamity by buying a mobo with nForce a? So less on the AMD motherboard equals simpler design or lower costs to the motherboard manufacturers.


[SOLVED] nForce a chipset w. HD ? – Tech Support Forum

The Green Mountain State Posts: It looks like I’m really not needed on this forum with bt covering for me. It’s not quantity, it’s quality. It could be because the AMD chips perform more duties than the intel equivalents due to the built in memory controller chpset I don’t know how they keep the motherboard prices reasonable but it works.

[SOLVED] nForce 980a chipset w. HD 5770?

Posting your PC specs will help us to assist you quicker and effectively. The AsRock A does that.

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