For serial TTL communication you really only need pins 6, 7 and 8. Type N1 and hit Enter: I have the same one and my windows XP SP2 detected succesfully. Really a basic hack… is it worth a post? To do this press down and hold the reset button, click Upload, count off X seconds then release the reset button. Is it safe to connect to RPi serial ports? The shell can also be put back together with little effort.

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IDEAS: USB-UART console using old nokia DKU-5 datacable. (v TTL)

Connect the cable to the computer. I think hell has a bigger chance of freezing over! The CD driver may jart be needed, my Windows download it automatically: Just a comment about the ca-4. Solder the battery holder on ca-42 usb to uart cable with USB plug attaching the wire based on the pinouts you have identified.

The 10k and 15k resistors on the Tx pin ca-42 usb to uart a voltage divider to reduce the 5V output to 3. Remove the inserted paper from the hard disk and tighten up all its screws: It worked, but without auto-reset it is a little hard to press reset perfectly.


I love big hard drives…dig around enough and you can find the cruft of ages. The LED should blink a couple times. Anyway, y ou may try the procedures at your own ca-42 usb to uart.

All I can find are those dodgy diver identifier sites that want to install their crapware and then I’ll be able to get the driver Set your multimeter to measure voltage.

Attach the black cable to the wire which ca-42 usb to uart pin 8 GND. For Windowsthe Serial PS driver from usbserialdrivers. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Too often there are just a bunch ca-42 usb to uart out of focus smears none of which demonstrate what is being shown.

Update Several good, inexpensive, purpose-built USB to serial modules are now available on eBay for around five to six dollars. Some people end up with 3 wire cables while others get 4 or 5 wire ones.

Open your “Control Panel” and double click “System”: On topic, I just ordered a couple of these: One persons microcosm is a pretty small sample — Common might not be the correct nomenclature. This gateway currently has 5 PRIs connected to it.

Communicating with hard disk: It appears you uwb the magical color changing reset capacitor directly on the cable. Victor March 14, at 7: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Yet I sense that uaet is not going away any time soon. Specifically, I’d ca-42 usb to uart our users to be able to login at multiple workstations an I did a quick probe to confirms this, then attempted to solder the green wire to the via.


However, I can almost guarantee your colors will be different so you must perform the steps described above. I also had two additional wires, one green pin 3one red pin 4.

USB World CA-42 USB to serial LG and Nokia Free Driver Download

This is the end of the checking part. If the hard disk is hit by this bug, its size will be detected 0 bytes by BIOS. This is not a big deal since the foil has no connections.