Log in Don’t have an account? Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. RightMark Memory Analyzer 3. Second, Intel hasn’t been comfortable enough with the MHz bus to allow anything but its rare-as-hen’s-teeth Pentium 4 Extreme Edition processors to support this bus speed. Merry Christmas from The Tech Report staff! On the other hand, a higher-performance PCIE video card will probably demonstrate lagging in other applications, including real games.

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Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to test all of the mentioned features, we’re looking forward to production samples. VIA refused to pay royalties to Intel for their Pentium 4 chipsets due to an apparent cross-licensing agreement Intel had with S3, which VIA purchased for its integrated graphics core business.

So it’s theoretically possible to see the PT Pro together with the VT, but considering the low-end positioning of this chipset, the chances are not very high. Biostar started operations in and has a history of providing the latest products at inexpensive price points.

Each lane will very likely be used to power a PCI-E x1 slot or onboard peripheral. VIA’s third chipset was never actually released to the market. VIA has also transitioned to a new flip-chip package for these chips to allow for higher memory controller speeds.

List of VIA chipsets – Wikipedia

Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. Too good to bee true, where is the catch?


On the other hand, the cards that are available on the market these days are different. It did require more processor time for Ethernet transfers than the Intel or SiS chipsets, though.

VIA PT PRO: Biostar’s Deluxe Dual Combo

First of all, as always we’ll carry out low-level memory tests using RightMark Memory Analyzer. This is where we get into a grey area – It must be told we aren’t here to debate this topic but to simply give you both sides of the story as they stood.

That said, the FX’s dual bit mode is a very cool practical option that delivers dual-channel performance without requiring pairs of matching DIMMs. Enthusiasts will want to pick their P4 motherboards based on price and features more than on which of these three chipsets is onboard.

LG HU85L projector needs but two inches to cast a 90″ picture.

When Intel finally released the chipset, things got even better for VIA. Test Setup Page RAID 5 generally involves some CPU overhead for parity calculations, but it does offer a nice combination of performance, data integrity, and total array capacity.

Security company pokes hole in XP SP2.

VIA PT880 PRO: Biostar’s Deluxe Dual Combo

Thus, out of all “dual” features of the chipset we could test only two graphics interfaces. When two video accelerators are installed, VIA PT Pro results get a tad lower, but not low enough to be worthy discussing or remembering. There were times when two monitors on a desk seemed pompous luxury, but now a couple of monitors may be not enough for some users.


Due to Intel’s pressure on the market with threats of lawsuits should anyone use the P4X chipset, it was strangled out of the market before it was ever even able to take off. Let’s have a look at the flowchart of the new chipset and enumerate its features: Merry Christmas from The Tech Report staff! Steam names the best-selling games of More information about the entire line of Biostar’s products can be found here.

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Otherwise, the PT held up well under scrutiny. And of course a processor and a video card are of an immense contribution. December 17, The reference motherboard vi pretty huge, even though it does not have any additional hardware beyond the chipset features.

Steam names the best-selling games of Judging by the current implementations of Intel’s series chipsets, the codecs and motherboards still need some work, though. VIA PT Pro is a product, which is noticeably late on the market, but still undoubtedly interesting.