Proper hand placement while typing can eliminate this problem for the most part, but when using the notebook keyboard I have occasionally had this happen to me. The warmest area of the notebook is the top of the touchpad and the areas directly to the left and right of the top of the touchpad. The only flex I found was when putting more than usual pressure on the palm rests. It did not hamper use of the touchpad. Colors are very vibrant, white is white and black is black. Battery In Ubuntu Linux, doing typical heavy web browsing, word processing, etc.

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Compal Electronics HEL80 Free Driver Download (Official)

hdl80 I am in no way a fan of touchpads, but as far as touchpads go, this is one of the better ones. I investigated and it took me some time to locate the noise, since it is very subtle. I cannot comment on battery life in Windows XP, as I simply do not spend enough time within that OS to give a first-hand report. This definitely a worthwhile feature.

The cursor can easily be moved back into place after scrolling, but the complaint is worth mentioning. Results commpal to 4 of 4. Even at full tilt, I found the fans to be within reason as far as noise goes — there is no whining, only the rush of air escaping. Speakers Perhaps in recompense of the underwhelming WXGA resolution screen, the speakers of the HEL80 prove superb considering their diminutive size, which makes me happy as an audiophile.


Left of front side of HEL80 Camerx for larger image.

Compal HEL80 Review (pics, specs)

The OmniPass software integrates very well into Windows. It does not bother me, but in a silent room it could be bothersome to sensitive ears if it begins to cycle.

It looks rather standard but there is no flex, with the expected exception of the compap grills over the fan and heatsink areas.

Contrast and sharpness are good. I would appreciate a slightly better range, but these are only notebook speakers and they get the intended job done. I have learned to live with this but I continue to press Fn and some key when I meant to press a Ctrl-based shortcut combination.

Admittedly these are areas that, for touch typists, your hands may be in constant contact with, however, to reiterate, these areas are warm, not hot to the touch. This led me to look at Log in or Sign up. Proper hand placement while typing can eliminate this problem for the most part, but when using the notebook keyboard I have occasionally had this happen to me. My goal is to help you make an informed decision about whether or not the HEL80 is right for you and to provide a resource for new HEL80 owners.

Service-Center – ONE B63XX (Compal EL80) – Downloads

The thinnest and lightest notebook in this category is the HP nc, listed by HP at Games are very enjoyable, and I did not notice any distortion while playing with maximum volume. The keys depress to a typical depth for notebooks, a few millimeters. Front view, left to right: It takes serious pressure on the back or sides of the LCD to create cameta ripples.


In the three weeks that I’ve owned the computer, I have found one stuck pixel. Viewing the screen hwl80 any degrees below center causes a perceived drop in brightness and contrast, though the screen is quite readable. Having owned three Dell systems one notebook and two desktopsI went with the Inspiron e They are spaced out and evenly distributed.

As is fairly standard, Media and Quick Launch buttons are located around the keyboard.

Compal HEL80 Review

Aside from the small amount of screen flex at the back of the notebook, I could find nothing wrong with the notebook’s construction. The battery life of the HEL80 is one of its many strengths.

An external audio solution will easily bypass this issue for audiophiles. Webcam and live co,pal on Compal HEL80 Don’t know why but my e-mail alerts are erratic so didn’t see your reply for a bit. Don’t purchase this notebook counting on it, though.

Unfortunately, the system crashed regularly and technical support could not figure out the problem.