Running at a master clock speed of some 60 MHz, the total power per board approaches close to 2. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Each project configuration can be saved and retrieved later. These cards are used to create synthesized sounds for audio production in music and other audio environments. The system also provides an ideal OEM platform for developing custom hardware for a small customer base. You had to let the thing warm up for a half an hour before you could actually play it.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Or the effects can be routed through the aux busses like a normal mixer. The first version was more or less a ‘pure’ recreation of a traditional hardware modular synth.

Users can thus develop attractive-looking user surfaces for software functions, utilizing the tools provided by CreamWare.

The system also provides dcope ideal OEM platform for developing custom hardware for a small customer base. If you’ve never seen one, click here. As well as familiar equalization, SCOPE includes algorithms for dynamics processing compressor, limiter and gate and a selection of delay effects such as reverb, chorus, phasing and flanging.

If there’s a hardware effect or stomp box you’re familiar with, most likely it’s covered here in virtual “plug-in” form.

Creamware (software company)

Please help to improve scoope article by introducing more precise citations. For audio recording and post applications, SCOPE provides mixing, special effects, synthesis and sampling with extensive routing and blending capabilities that integrate many studio components. And as we all know, you craemware never have enough stuff.


The concept behind SFP is that all the boards have the same basic software feature set. And to protect third-part developer’s intellectual property, CreamWare has included strong encryption and copy protection.

It’s a powerful and flexible audio processing and music development system. This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat Z-Link is a proprietary communication interface using standard Firewire cables Z-Link permits the simultaneous transmission of 16 channels of bit audio between the soundcard and converter without having to use a separate word clock device.

Technology companies established in Software synthesizers Modular creameare. These cards are used to create synthesized sounds for audio production in music and other audio environments.

The name alone is impressive, standing for SC alable O bject P rocessing E nvironment, an electronic “Erector Set” for the next Millennium, if you will. Click on the thumbnail image above for a full-size screenshot of the Modular Synth.

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Creamware (software company) – Wikipedia

And SCOPE’s extensive graphics-based toolbox allows the user to combine and configure various library “modules” with external hardware to create custom solutions. Even sales, support and application engineers can modify software and execute changes for customers. I guess the best way to describe Scope is to start with the hardware and then move on to the software side of things.

An extensive library of audio modules developed by CreamWare can help shorten the design process, the firm says, since users do not need scops spend any time on each algorithm’s surrounding infrastructure. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. These virtual instruments are controlled with any MIDI capable keyboard. At the time or writing, CreamWare was working closely with a variety of third-part developers, including Quantec, Prosoniq, Sonic Timeworks and Aphex.


The Creamware Modular Synthesizer has gone through a number of revisions, each adding more modules and greater functionality. The SCOPE environment is remarkably simple, intuitive creamward handle and doesn’t require a degree in rocket science to [develop] breakthrough audio designs.

The Scope Modular synth is basically a collection of synthesizer “building blocks” or modules that you string together to create new sounds – modeled after the original Moog modular synthesizer that artists like Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, and those guys in Tangerine Dream used to play back in the early 70’s. Modular Sfope was a modular synthesizer scopee on DSPs digital signal processors, a type of computer scopw designed for signal processingas part of the software environment provided for the Creamware ‘Scope’ line of sound cards.

Recording applications, for example, require a lot of computer resources. Not to be confused with screamwareanother name for scareware. As a real time DSP platform, there was no processing waiting time for changes to take effect.