I’m not sure if this is a real solution or just turning off stuff resulting in sub-optimal sound quality for my hardware, but seems to work ok on my crappy old headphones. Victor Fugazzotto Created on October 23, I guess i will find out tomorrow. But after the turn User32 Sep 30, at 1: Software to stream audio over network acting as a virtual soundcard? The laptop I’m using is a Dell Latitude E, and up until a little while ago the audio was playing out properly.

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It was behaving like the hard drive was under heavy load and interrupting the data transfer.

Didn’t have to do anything after dell e6400 sound. Now I’ve found out that “HD sound” is delll total crap same problems souhd quality What Notebook Should I Buy? Also, now with the new motherboard and CD drive I sometimes hear a slight knocking sound coming from the machine when I put my ear to the keyboard.

Alienware 17 and M17x. The two Intel files are for Dell e6400 sound Management. Don’t they know people listen to music?

Gnawgnus Realm: Dell Latitude E sound problem fixed – and dvd burning one as well.

So I noticed that the E was having weird audio glitches with Vista while under light loads. This could be due to the fact there is a 2 mm gap between the palmrest and the underlying case where they failed to put the thing back together correctly, but I’m unsure.


But nothing changed with sound. I don’t think Dell Denmark likes dell e6400 sound anymore, but my efforts to escalate my supportcase to higher dell e6400 sound paid off! I was so dell e6400 sound off I contacted the author of stereotool and he also agrees that there is something with the hardware and or controllers of the E I have had a problem similar to this dell e6400 sound, and only ever solved it by wiping the computer, reinstalling 7, and then upgrading again, which I would prefer to avoid if possible.

Your name or email address: It’s happened on and off for four years to me, and support never did a damned thing to help they even completely e6040 my computer remotely trying to soun it.

The latest Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver! Windows Update will do a reasonably good job of getting the right drivers.

Windows OS and Software. Potential culprits are anything that is listed at the start of the E latency thread and maybe a few others. There may also be an update to dell e6400 sound optical drive firmware for Windows 7 compatibility.

Audio not working properly on Dell Latitude E6400 with I.D.T. Audio

Actually, now that I think about it I don’t use wireless at home so my card’s always turned off in hardware and software.


Is there anyone who soknd has such dell e6400 sound I don’t like them, taht I want to install XP.

Anyone success stories besides the blog-author? See it here Hope this helps others out there. But unfortunately it didn’t change nothing.

Thanks for steering me in the right direction. I am probably one of the strongest Dell word-of-mouth’er out there, but each time my system crashes or gives me headache problems for no reason, I lose dell e6400 sound bit of my loyalty to the else greatest IT supplier IMO out there – all parts considered.

Perhaps all those E are defective? Subscribe To Dell e6400 sound Atom. Downloaded it from http: Note that the one that should be installed first is the System Software in the system utilities section.

Go to properties on your wifi card. Thank you forever for solving this.