A syntax error has occurred. NET dlls from Stored procedures and how to call those methods in those dlls from Stored procedures I know that it is possible but I haven’t done so myself. You can download attachments. Jonathan Leffler k 86 Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Things about Software Architecture,.

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You would use an extended stored procedure and a type library conversion to get this to work with SQL Server Read 21 Informis 11 – Yahoo! Specifically, I wrote an expression to loop through all tables in the database, retrieve 10 rows, and investigate the structure of the returned object.

CR Problems with Informix ODBC connect driver in XI R2

Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originate The server is a Linux box running Informix 9. Unfortunately, since it is a Windows dialog box, I cannot copy and paste the errof.

Where is the original article which mentions this? Jetstar procedures under investigation after planes took off too heavy Jetstar’s procedures for calculating the weight of its aircraft are under review by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau after two of its planes I am not the creator of the database tables. Now, once the above mention fields have been populated, when the same user logs on again and this time click their daily attendance time, I need to execute and update stored procedure-no problem.


You can’t post erdor replies. I have attempted to trace the user via OAT and I can see the previous SQL statements executing successfully, but innformix one does not seem to make it to the database. I also learned that with Informix if you have any parameters to make sure you define them as input or output or you may have problems too.

Each time the user logs onto the attendance page, they need to be able to view the previuos time stamps, on page load.

ingormix Thursday, 11 Decemberat 4: I run into a problem in excuting informix store procedures with C. So pardom me if my problem sounds silly. Is it better to “save” the procedures in the access database or in the.

I need to clone all the stored procedures and give them a new name basicly changing the 3 letter prefix to another one. Sign up using Email and Password.

Log-based Change Data Capture Jonathan Leffler k 86 Read 20 Sep 10 – planetIDS.


You can’t send emails. Post as a guest Name. I know it has to be simple but I am missing the link.

Also if that procedure could once it has a stored procedure open, replace all the 3 letter prefix of the table names inside the stored procedure definition itself. Probably it helps to install the Informix. I got the same error.

The fact that you’re getting error means you’ve got through the connection process; that is a good start, and simplifies what ihformix. Help with accessing Informix stored procedures. You can’t post JavaScript.

Informix ODBC driver error while creating a view in Designer

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The stored procedure is: Errog 26 Feb 12 – BernieSpan. If I could access the stored procedures statements from the command object, I could You can’t edit your own events.