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Who is Dr. Moshe Kantor?

The things that motivate us from within can make us soar to heights of life that are unimaginable. Our inner drive can be a source of our fear, anger or courage in depending on how well we are prepared to face our daily life challenges. In many cases, when people are faced with adversities of life, they choose to retreat and let things happen the way they choose to.

There is, however, another crop of people who rarely choose the easiest option of sitting back and as a result they choose to act in the face of adversity. Dr. Moshe Kantor falls in that crop of individuals. Let us take a look at what might have faced him in his early life and how he rose above the norm to conquer his adversities. We also need to look at the positives that resulted out of his struggles.

At the time of his birth, the entire world was wailing following the consequences of the much-condemned world war II. The sting of the cold war was also being felt at that time. Most of the world population in those days would forlornly stare at the amount of destruction that was meted on their counterparts at the East and resign into a desperation that is beyond the words of any writer. Dr. Kantor, however, chose to be different and he thus rose from those hopeless ash piles and steered himself on. Today, we celebrate him for his incessant struggle during such adverse moments.

Also, at the time of such struggles, the world arena was taking shape for the Jewish reconstruction The Jewish nation all over the world was undergoing the pangs of persecution from religious extremists. Also, the humiliation of the nation following the world was two left the nation entirely scuttled. Dr. Kantor, in the face of all this, chose to advocate for the right treatment of the Jewish people. This resulted into the world acknowledging him as a voice for the discriminated people of the world.

Dr. Kantor’s fight for the world peace and evils meted against humanity through terrorism and the use of fatal weaponry is also something that we should give him credits for. Being a family man himself, Dr. Kantor has shown us that we should respect the human life regardless of the relationship we may have or not have with such individuals.

Acts of inhumanity such as terrorism and use of fatal weapons usually lead to destruction of much human life as well as property and should thus never be tolerated by anyone. We also should not anticipate the long-term effects of such inhumane acts since they degrade the human lives and destroy the very creation that man has been mandated to take care of. These are some of the outstanding lessons of life that Dr. Kanor has passed to us.

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