A drummer and musician with over 25 years professional and studio experience. Comment by ozzy — April 4, 2: To combat this, I just changed the wait command for the right pedal to about double the global var. Thanks Comment by element — January 5, 2: Now my problem is the latency issue. Ant 25 April at

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I was able to get the cymbol choke to work in fl studio. For example, when it says to move your joystick on the x axis, hit the red drum a few times in a range from soft to very hard.

Thanks Chris Comment by Chris — June 1, 3: The code should be this: Sounds too good to be true, but I can now use Kontakt, with all the effects I want, with a regular soundcard. About Me Magicpete View my complete profile.

Comment by The Walster — April 15, 2: Comment by Lorenzo — November 3, 9: Could you help us to make it perfect? Comment by Marc msc February 15, 5: My problem was that Cakewalk was not picking up on my soundcard as an out.


» Using the ION iED05 USB Drum Kit with MIDI capable software

Great,job, thank you Comment by Ricky — August 22, 1: Anyone got this script working well yet? Comment by Jonnybull — January 30, Which is a mess. I mean, i hit it once and it plays the sample three times.

Comment by javier veliz — September 27, 5: Myface Audio Tools 2. A drummer and musician with over 25 years professional and studio experience.

Comment by Ian — February 27, 2: Daniusoft Audio Converter Suite 1. Unfortunately, I’ve not made any progress on this yet – had my hands full for the past couple of weeks with other things!

electronic drum kit and software ion audio ied05 usb

If you do, uncomment this! Comment by chris — March 4, 9: Ioh Audio Editor is a feature-rich tool that allows you to edit and convert your audio files. River Past Audio Converter is an easy-to-use, fast, and powerful batch audio conversion and extractor software.


Thirdyou need my scriptwhich tells it what to do. Mc noticed in calibrate that the buttons also fire when you hit a pad so if joystick. Fourthyou need some MIDI capable software. I am at a loss. LeftPedal at the end and now it works.

Pedal Hi Hat if Joystick1. Setting the button7 to output a midi note which will trigger a pad with volume set to 0 will effectively choke the cymbol. Comment by Daniel — May 9, 7: Your drums are now liberated from the shackles of cutesy proprietary software and bad sampling! Kon gets the midi data ok but only occasionally triggers the notes.