At the end of the day, the Cowon S9 is a far superior video player both in terms of quality and versatility. Bottom Line The pricey iriver Spinn suffers from a lack of grace and simplicity typically found in the company’s standout players like the excellent Clix. About the Author Jenn K. Skip to main content. When the player is in hold mode, the wheel can also be used to control the volume. Not so much fun. Even 8GB is only going to be good enough for ten or 11 full length.

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AMOLEDs are superior to regular LCDs because they offer unlimited iriver spinn angles, display colors iriver spinn iriger, and are just brighter and more energy efficient. On the other hand, with the exception of some of the optional settings, the Spinn can be used without actually touching the screen at all. The icon also appears on the voice recorder screen.

iRiver Spinn U30 Silver ( 8 GB ) Digital Media Player | eBay

You may also elect to use it for most standard playback controls as well as more minute functions, such iriver spinn scanning to a certain irived in a file or skipping quickly through a long menu list.

The screen is resistive touch, which is disappointing, but it’s pretty responsive as far as resistive touchscreens go. There is just no positive way to spin that in favor of the iriver Spinn. It’s great scrolling through long lists with the spin wheel, but iriver spinn just not enough.

I was surprised to find that iriver spinn until now, some of the bigger name competitors’ players don’t even have FM radio tuners.


The Spinn iriver spinn supports flash based games iriver spinn themes but unfortunately you won’t find much information from iRiver on where to download them. Very reliable and durable,I have put this awesome media player to the test and it has passed with flying colors,can’t understand why this awesome format never took in the states but it should have!!!!! Interesting design and control layout. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

The whole thing is a iriver spinn step backwards from the Clix from a usability standpoint, as fun as spinning can be. Be respectful, keep it irover and stay on topic.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Iriver spinn. The clix 2 came with six insanely colorful themes, each with seven different wallpapers, but the SPINN ships with only a dull gray-and-orange interface that makes a very weak first impression.

iriver’s SPINN up for pre-sale, shipping October 3rd

Be warned, unless you have iriver spinn finger nails, opening the USB port cover will send you hunting for a iriver spinn sharp implement. In general, though, the menu’s orange font isn’t terribly easy to read. Wish iiver would have continued to make this product. Cons Not as slim as some of the competitionLacking softwareHigh price.

Sound quality has long been one of the the stronger cards in the iRiver deck and thankfully the Spinn irievr no exception. The Mercedes CLS is a iriver spinn mild hybrid for hipsters. By Baywiz on June 23, Your mileage may vary.

Maybe if the screen supported Eschewing the epinn curves of the iPod Touch iriver spinn Cowon S9iRiver has opted for a rather severe, sharp igiver, albeit with a circular spindle at one end, the upper half of which is the eponymous “Spinn wheel”, which can be rotated to the left or right as well as depressed.


The Spinn won’t support SubRip subtitle files nor can you set bookmarks in video files — though we understand the soon-to-be-released version 2. One thing to note when using headphones is that the jack is on the “bottom” of the player, on the opposite side of the sinn from the spin wheel. It missed some of the main stations here in Honolulu that other DAPs can pick up with no problem. By Jason Boehm on January 3, Wrap-up It’s plain to see that iriver has iriver spinn put a lot iriver spinn thought into the design of this player, we just wish they’d put half as much thought into everyday usability.

But do good things really come to those who wait? Riiver maxes out at 8GB and using it isn’t immediately easy. Iriver spinn Daniel Page on February 10, We’ve had iriver’s SPINN laying around the Engadget Iriver spinn for a iriver spinn while, iriver spinn figure we’ve finally fiddled with the player enough to write sinn some impressions.

Iriver spinn into the SPINN is a non-removable lithium polymer battery rated at approximately 25 hours for audio playback and up to 5 hours for video.

A large variety of audio codecs are supported, and there are plentiful sound enhancement options.