This is also reversible, if you backup the original content of your flashmemory also described in the following instructions. However some sellers omit the extension -H or -Z , so you should be careful during purchase and better check the label on the back of the box. However if your device breaks down before or during restoring the original content of the flashmemory warranty claims may be refused. JavaScript must be enabled in order for you to contribute to this site. If you are using a German SIM and installing the Vodafone Mobile Broadband software, you need to disable the optimisation feature, as this is not compatible with Windows 8. Soft and hard method does not work – wrong SIM? But I obviously dont take any responsability of anything said in this point.

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There is a tool called dc-unlocker that was the only thing that worked for me after all previous points in this page.

ZTE KZ (Vodafone) – 3G modem wiki

Apr 225: Are there any special Win7 drivers or a way to modify the installation routine to enforce installation of drivers. Ignore any “found new devices”-messages for now. So you either need to additionally install drivers for the KZ manually or download and install this modified unbranded dashboard, which will install appropriate drivers for the KZ right “out of the box”: But unfortunately, when I’m trying to run the command, I’m getting the following error: If the file you downloaded is compresed you would need to uncompress it on the host machine and leave the uncompresed files in the shared folder, or install 7z or winrar inside your virtual machine.


Please try a current version of IE or Firefox. Modems If you have one of the following older USB devices, you need to install the Vodafone Mobile Broadband software from it onto your computer. You can either just download and install such on your computer see “Dashboard” below or, if you want your device to have ready installation files for an unbranded dashboard permanently, use one of the following debranding methods: If you have a notebook and are having problems with its built-in card, we recommend visiting your computer supplier’s website and checking for new drivers.

Install the 3g modem software inside the virtual machine.

Huawei/KZ – Debian Wiki

This removes the dongle from the physical machine your host machine and makes the dongle “visible” to your virtual machine. Preferabilly make the machine cant access internet with a “Host-Only” adapter.

Install the original dashboard from your device, because later operations will require all drivers to be installed. Install virtualbox Guest Additions in the virtualmachine. Open housing by separating both halves of the housing with 3k565z fingernail. ISO in the previous points.

EasyEdit Report page Share this. Now you have the VirtualMachine prepared to the dongle unlocking. There are lots of information on the internet, if you havent done this ever. Basicly you just switch off the flashmemory, from which usually the branded dashboard is being installed after plugging in, and instead store the installation files for an unbranded dashboard on a microSD-card in the microSD-slot.

Since the KZ was introduced by Vodafone only inthe earlier version from Huawei was only designated K without “-H”.

Debranding Vodafone KZ The KZ comes with an installer for Vodafone’s dashboard “Vodafone Mobile Connect” in it’s flashmemory, which will start installation of the dashboard automatically after plugging the modem into your computer. It takes quite a lot of time before it is recognised, but i got it and here is the message: Up to 15 links are shown, determined by matching tags and by how recently the content was updated; keeping the most current at the top.


But I obviously dont take any responsability of anything said in this point. Ive installed WXP because its a “light” windows for computers of these days, and runs well inside a virtual machine.

ZTE K3565-Z detect and unlock guide

Now your modem should contain j3565z new dashboard. Unlocking by code I think you could get an unlock code from some web pages, that calculate it from the imei or with a tool likebut I havent been able to insert the code in the dongle as an AT command.

Apr 108: We use cookies to improve your experience, show you content you may like. Dialog will be reset. Do you find this valuable? Account – Manage your Vodafone account Data – Check your data usage and amount remaining Top up – Top up your data allowance Current connection – Name, type and signal strength of current connection Message centre – Send and receive SMS text messages Extras – Access additional services.

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