There are also instructions at http: When you start LbServer V0, use as third command line option. Up to 16 Output Lines. If you click on the hourglass icon it should show 1 unit available to program. There are two steps to the programming process. Dick Bronson’s Home Page Revised:

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Simply retry the “identify” operation a couple of more times and it will find the device.

It can be operated in a “LocoNet” mode. Click on the lightning bolt icon, and the information window should now show the serial number of the programmed device.

Than it behaves similar to a LocoBuffer. Locobuffer usb V1 works with this interface, locobuffer usb more testing is required.

Primitive level converter between RS and LocoNet. The following image shows the adapter cable plugged into our programmer’s 18 pin socket. Unfortunately this means that Windows will detect each locobuffer usb board and locobuffer usb a repeat installation of the drivers.

Upgrade the software inside the Intellibox to at least version 1.

JMRI Hardware Support – LocoBuffer-USB to LocoNetĀ®

Once the boards are clean and dry we may proceed with the PIC programming process. This locobuffer usb prevent locobuffer usb incessent warnings about installing unsigned drivers. LbServer V0 was designed for the locobufferr LocoBuffer.


The programming adapter connects to the LocoBuffer-USB with the cable facing the modular locobuffer usb end and the brown wire header pin 1 close to the edge of the board. Click on any image locobuffer usb make it larger.

Programming and Testing

Proceed only until the first time that the “Finish” button appears. Also it will not know that the unit is a LocoBuffer-USB at this time, so the messages will be different. Locobuffer usb order to be useful with LbServer V0 you have to configure the interface to: Use the drivers you found and downloaded at http: Available with signal connections lovobuffer miniture screw terminals -S or 10 pin headers.

More robust output design, reduced sensitivity locobuffer usb wiring errors. Also break conditions an LocoNet are not forwared to the PC. Once the program is installed it will create a locobuffer usb named “MProg2.

RR-CirKits LocoBuffer Rev-o USB Computer Interface

Up to 16 Output Lines. Dick Bronson’s Home Page Revised: Buffered inputs and outputs allow use ubs all operating systems with USB support. Locobuffer usb signal mast may use as locobuffer usb lamps as required.


Once it is closed you may then connect the next device and repeat the process again.

Ready to run locobuffer usb includes USB cable. The operating system should locate the device and ask you to load the software for it. LbServer V1 should be able to use locobuffer usb interface but the definition and tests are still missing. It may be downloaded from here.

LbServer V0 since locobuffer usb 0. Authors of this page: This makes the MS-SH a tool for advanced diagnostics. These two steps are completely independent of each other and may be done in either order.