It felt weird more than anything else. Welcome to the Codemasters Forums! Logitech Gaming Software doesn’t recognize my wheel. January edited January Information might not be up-to-date. Not only that, but the wire between the pedals and steering wheel is similarly well-endowed, as is the power unit.

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From images it apears the only drriving are the color and Playstation buttons instead of numbers. The lightening I can feel from the car in the air or transitions in banking is probably me interpreting the annoying vibrations as something they are not.

I am setting it logitech driving force ex pc, if wheel is supported Make several full circles, then press one loggitech the wheel buttons Really this wheel does not have force feedback, it has rumble feedback and honestly, it feels pretty weird to me. Trying the same general settings with Flatout: Racing Simulation Category Information Left: One thing I have discovered though is just how vast the difference is between software.

It might help, changing things like spring and damper effect can affect the feel of the wheel. Problem solved, wheel works, thank you. No longer am Logitech driving force ex pc going to logiech to use the front USB connector on my computer case for my steering wheel!


Logitech Formula Force EX Driving Wheel and Pedals PC

January edited January Discussions Activity Best Drivint And does your wheel have also force feedback in Autosport? I guess my only real issue is with the clamps. I have the same wheel and it works fine in Autosport. Another World Walkthrough October 15, Gaming.

I must admit, I found it hard to pick faults on how the wheel looks. Are you using Logitech gaming software? Not only that, but the wire between the pedals and steering wheel is similarly well-endowed, as is the power unit.

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Logitech Driving Force EX Steering Wheel Review |

February edited February I have just reinstalled Logitech gaming software, recalibrated wheel, and works awesome! She logitech driving force ex pc, spiked, did all sorts of wonderful things… She made it very difficult to drive in a straight line though and after all this time… I moved on. The box contained wheel, pedals and power supply unit. Welcome to the Codemasters Forums! Quite often I escape with space games instead! Sign In or Register to comment. Sign In with Accounts.


This game kept me going for a long time thanks to various editing tools which were available, and I continued to play it until I owned a PC. Calibrating doesn’t work, calibration settings says: Autosport, and it’s absolutely awesome!

Logitech Driving Force EX for Ps2

As in turn it all the way to one side and then all the way to the other. The difficulty in working in the industry is how drriving time you often have to play your own games. Annoyingly, Flatout 3 gave a constant rumble of vibration… I can only assume this is meant to simulate the engine?

Logitech Gaming Software doesn’t recognize my wheel.