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Cooking King Crab Legs

King crabs, which are also known as stone crabs, are the most popular dish to all the seafood lovers. Locked behind the hard stone shell is the tender, juicy meat. To some people just thinking of this makes their mouth water. Stone crabs have more than 40 different species that are edible. The blue king crabs, the red ones, and the gold ones are some of the species included in the food circle.

Stews, appetizers, soups, and salads are some of the delicacies prepared from the meat of king crabs. King crab legs are a popular dish all around. This dish from the king crab legs can be prepared in many ways like steaming, baking, and grilling. Whether you go to your favorite restaurant, or you just prepare them at home, the tastes and delicacies from a fresh pot are overwhelming.

Before you get to eat your dish, the crabs must be extracted from the sea. It might seem like an easy task but crabbing can prove to be daunting so better leave it to those who understand how to. Once the crabs are gotten out of the water, their claws must be bound to prevent them from escaping or causing you harm as they struggle to get free. Ensure you have a tank full of water to put the crabs. Do not put the crabs in a tank full of fresh water, they are not fish, so the will die. The crabs can only survive in the water they came from.

Remember that you cannot eat a crab once it has died. Eating a dead crab can cause you to become very sick. The reason behind this is that crabs are so sensitive that once they die they start decomposing immediately. Therefore even if you do not like it, cook them alive.

King crabs can be easily cooked. It is not a must you get them directly from the water; you can just stroll to the grocery near you and get one. The king crab legs from the grocery stores are pre-cooked for ease of storage, thus do not overcook them. The king crab legs have a tendency of becoming rubber chewy once they are overcooked.

When cooking them, you can steam them completely by dipping them in boiling water in a big covered pot. For around 6 whole minutes, steam the king crab legs and ensure before serving them hot you garnish with lemon and butter. There is also another way of preparing the king crab legs, and that is baking them for 10 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. But before you bake them, thaw them in hot water.

The legs can also be grilled over a moderate heat for at least 4 minutes. A hidden secret in enhancing the flavor to a great extent is using olive oil. Whenever you want to cook any kind of meat, especially seafood, ensure that you choose the best and freshest kind.

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