If an administrator password is set, enter the password and press [Enter]. Symbol Meaning Describes warnings to protect yourself and others from serious or potentially Warning fatal injury if you handle the machine incorrectly. Page 75 Scan Path Notification You can receive an e-mail regarding the location that the scanned document was saved to. Overview Of Manuals Overview of Manuals The instruction manuals for this product that describe the detailed operational and setting procedures are included on the CD. Page 41 Press [IP Address]. Select the paper size, and press [Enter].

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Loading Documents Be sure to read the following guidelines before you begin faxing, copying or scanning.

Page Pull the used drum cartridge out. Making Copies This section describes the basic procedure for making copies. Page 37 If an administrator password is set, enter the password and press [Enter] If an administrator password is not set, proceed to step 4.

Close the ADF cover. The Easiest Way to scan, distribute, process, manage and print your documents The MFX enables seamless document scanning, faxing, copying, printing and management, without the complicated interface and expensive modifications associated with competing devices.


If a document has been left in the ADF, the scanner glass cannot be used. Close the paper cassette. Toner cartridge lock lever When replacing the toner cartridge, move this lever to the left and pull out the toner cartridge.

Then, holding the toner cartridge with both hands, gently shake it to distribute the toner evenly inside the cartridge. Disposal of mercury may be regulated due to environmental considerations.

OfficeBridge is a management system that enables you to manage documents from a Web browser. Click the [Fax Settings] tab. This manual also for: On the rear panel of the product is a label that contains, among other information, a product identifier in the format US: Overview of the OfficeBridge When the machine is connected to the network, you can operate it using the Web browser on a computer.

Press [Auto Network Login].

Muratec MFX Toner Cartridges

Page 70 Press [Host]. Connect the LAN cable to the network connector, as indicated in the diagram.

DirectScan enables users to directly scan documents into PC folders without having to install any additional hardware or software connectors. Loading Paper into the Paper Cassettes Pull the handle to open the paper cassette. Quadaccess For example, even if the machine is 1 printing a copy, 2 transmitting from memory and 3 scanning documents for a different memory transmission, you can still 4 program the machine.


If paper is jammed in the paper supply area, remove the jammed paper. Document Category You can add a category name document category to the scanned document. Mfx-550 commonly produced documents, mtx-2550 as forms, into the MFX memory and print them on-demand. How you electronically capture, distribute, process, manage and print your documents can have a dramatic impact on customer service levels, employee productivity, compliance standards and bottom-line costs.

Chapters Table Of Contents You can also insert different paper to enable sorting.

Up to 30 characters can be entered. Secure printing suppresses print jobs until a password has been entered on the control panel.

Muratec MFX-2550 User Manual

Transmitting Faxes This section describes the basic procedure for transmitting faxes. Enter the password, and press [Enter]. Scanning Area The scanned area is shown below. Combine You can copy a two page or four page document onto a single page.

If it is necessary to change the user information, click [Select User