ActivInspire has two launch options, the first is to launch in Primary function. Valid Reasons Teachers Quit. There are themed templates for fast and easy lesson building. Save time in your search for a degree program. ActivInspire is software that can keep students engaged in any lesson in your curriculum.

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ActivInspire works on Windows, Mac, and Linux based machines.

Flag as inappropriate Email to Friend. The lessons flipcharts can be saved and shared among colleagues. Educational technology has since become her passion.

To see the possiblities of the ActivInspire software, take a look at Flipcharts created by the developers of ActivInspire. ActivInspire is a new software from Promethean that is free! Begin building a library of interactive lessons for your students. The Promethean Planet website has thousands of lessons and resources that are free to access and activihspire be used with ActivInspire to engage your students.

Kelly also trains teaching staff on integrating and implementing technology into the classroom. Download ActiveInspire to PC.


Activinspire from Promethean – Teachingcom

Some of the goodies in ActivInspire include interactive protractors, rulers, clocks, grids, and more. Wading Through the Bureaucracy of Teacher Certification.

Teaching School Finder Save time in your ppromethean for a degree program. ActivInspire comes with hundreds of free resources to enhance promsthean presentations. She started teaching in as a second grade teacher in a public school. ActivInspire supports flash files that can be embeded in Flipchart lessons.

ActiveInspire is the software you will use with the Promethean ActivBoard. K Higher Ed General. Use Teaching’s School Finder to locate schools online and in your area. In Primary, ActivInspire is very user friendly for primary elementary students.

Hent ActivInspire

The second option is to launch in Studio with tools that are perfect for older students. Guide to Teaching Popular Careers.

When she is not blogging, searching for and playing with new technology, or on teaching. Career Resources Jobs Resume Home. Training teachers on the use of technology in the classroom led to her blog, ilearntechnology. Save time in your search for a degree program.

How to integrate ActivInspire into the classroom: Valid Reasons Teachers Quit. After creating an account, you may download the ActivInspire software from Promethean Planet. There are themed templates for fast and easy lesson building. To access Promethean Planet’s countless resources, visit their website and create a free account.


ActivInspire provides you with the tools you will need to create flipcharts think of a flipchart as being an interactive powerpoint and interact with other digital resources.

Promethean Planet also features additional resources, including teacher-made flipcharts and lessons, as well as tutorials and online classes to help familiarize yourself with ActivInspire and other ActivClassroom tools.

ActivInspire has two launch options, the first is to launch in Primary function. Promethean also has a great set of support tutorials that will have you up and running in no time!