My cursur will move and highlight an icon but will not follow the command when clicked. If it still is not working then go to your control panel, go to mouse settings, then enable synaptic. Thanks for posting your answer and saving me from hours of further frustration and unnecessary work: It doesnt work for me. Mir – Apr 28, at Muchos greets – Oct 31, at

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Abdinasir – Oct 26, at synaptiics Report Respond to dyco Also the brightness controls f2 and f3 as well as the wife f12 do not work with or without the fn key. I poinnting this works long. F5 worked like a tosiba SR – Mar 23, at Dani – Mar 7, at I have tried everything but it doesn’t works.

Loki – Jun 23, at toshiba synaptics pointing device Toshiba laptop number lock not working the light is on. My scroll from the touchpad doesn’t work anymore. Norwegianviking69 – Sep 6, at Angelie – Nov 11, at Kat – Oct 6, at I love you I am toshiba synaptics pointing device and trying to do my class work and was about to lose it because someone also spilled a beer on it last night and I thought that was the issue.


Scribbler, your answer was just for me! I need further information. Anotherlittle1 – Dec 5, at After 30 minutes of searching you were the only person to suggest Control F5.

Scrolling still works, and selecting does, but I cannot move the pointer it’s just frozen. Hi, the model number of my laptop is LB-1DZ the product code is psktue and i am using windows 8.

Toshiba Satellite mouse pad stopped working [Solved]

Verify if the error persists after a reboot of the machine. FNK – Oct 23, at I am actually about to go to an IT technician. It worked for me!

Try to connect an external mouse if not already done which has been verified working properly and check if the error persists.

Toshiba synaptics pointing device then again I should remember because I’ve just typed it several times. Just did it seconds ago: Thanks for posting your answer and saving me from hours of further frustration and unnecessary work: Hi Michelle It is not easy to say what is wrong there.


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Even though touchpoint technology is mostly associated with notebooks or laptops, other systems can also benefit from it with the help of an external wireless or wired TouchPad device.

Report Respond to bolly Report Synptics to Grateful.

WenH – Oct 4, at Hi I have a Toshiba Satellite L50, only bought 3 weeks ago, the touchpad has pretty much stopped working. Kamikappa – Aug 18, at